Kitchen equipment cleaning method

Time:2017-10-24 00:00:00

1. The range hood is the most difficult place to take care of. The range hood is stubborn. If the range hood is cleaned by yourself, gently remove the upper layer of the net, take a metal container larger than the net cover, add water to the metal net cover completely, heat the water, then add a little alkali, you can soak for a while, After the oil has softened, it is best not to use a brush at this time, it is easy to leave scratches. You can use the cucumber head leftover from the cut vegetables or the radish to gently wipe it off. Then wipe it with a cleaning cloth and some detergent. This will make the net cover shine, but please pay attention to gloves to avoid burns. 2. As long as you do n’t pay attention when cooking or cooking the stove, the oil or soup will easily flow out and stain the stove or the fire rack. The cooker surface is fine. Even if the fire rack is treated with ordinary detergents, it may not be clean , Can also be boiled. This is more troublesome, but the entire kitchen is smooth and clean. Don't leave a dead spot! 3. Is the tile sticky or not sticky every day? At this time, the toilet paper can be covered on the tile, and then sprayed with the cleaning agent and left for a while. The cleaning agent will not drip everywhere, and the grease will all float up. Just tear off the toilet paper and wipe it once or twice with a clean cloth moistened with clean water. As for the stubborn dirt that cannot be removed, you can replace the toilet paper with cotton cloth. 4. After the liquefied gas cooker is stained with oil, you can use the thick rice soup to coat the cooker. After the rice soup crust is dry, scrape it gently with an iron sheet, and the oil will be removed along with the rice soup crust. It can also be washed directly with thin rice soup and noodle soup, or washed with mullet bone, and the effect is also good. 5. If the gas furnace and fast furnace have heavy oil, after the gas furnace is cooled, wipe it with a neutral detergent. The flame length varies, you can remove the burner, use iron brushes to remove rust or use fine nails to penetrate the flame hole. Disassemble and clean daily. The rusted part can be removed with 15% nitric acid rust remover, and then washed with water. 6. Open the oven door, remove the stains with a sponge or rag stained with detergent, wipe with a wet rag, and then dry with a dry rag. When cleaning the dirt inside the oven, it should be removed with decontamination powder and steel brush. Wipe the inside of the oven with a dry cloth for 2-3 minutes. The moisture should be completely removed to avoid rust. When there is scorched material on the bottom of the oven, after heating and cooling the oven, the hard effluent can be carbonated and scraped off with a long-handled metal spatula.

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