Service life of kitchen appliances and routine maintenance

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Life-threatening use of kitchen appliances is life-threatening

There are severe restrictions on the service life of kitchen appliances: under the premise of regular maintenance, the normal service life of gas water heaters, gas stoves, and range hoods is 5 to 6 years, otherwise-the kitchen and bathroom appliances are used beyond their limits and endanger life at any time!

Experts from kitchen and electrical appliances introduced that even with regular maintenance, the normal service life of gas water heaters and gas stoves is 5 to 6 years. If the service life exceeds the limit, the components will be severely aged, which will cause tempering, flameout and safety equipment to take effect. Many toxic exhaust gases. The range hood has been used for more than 6 years, and many uncleanable oil stains have accumulated in the hood. After being heated and evaporated, harmless substances are absorbed by the human body, which is very likely to cause lung cancer! Housewives who do not smoke instead become beneficiaries of lung cancer. Many families do n’t know that kitchen appliances need maintenance and maintenance, and they do n’t know that there are restrictions on “obsolete”. They still live around “risk products” every day!

Kitchen and electrical appliances also need daily maintenance

Kitchen appliances also require daily maintenance. Many consumers feel that kitchen and bathroom appliances can still be as long as they need to identify the brand when they purchase them. In fact, this opinion is wrong. Kitchen and bathroom appliances also require daily maintenance.

a. Microwave oven: Microwave oven is a kind of high-tech household electrical appliances. If abnormal or shortcomings are found, consumers should promptly notify the repair manufacturers of the repair part or special repair points for repair. Do not overhaul or continue to use it. Because of the high voltage stored in its high voltage circuit, there is a risk that it will be shocked by the high voltage.

b. Rice cooker: After washing the inner pot, it is necessary to drain the surface water before putting it in the rice cooker. The shell and heating plate must not be immersed in water, and can only be cleaned with a damp cloth after blocking the power supply. They should not be placed together in a corrosive gas or humid place.

c. Hood: When using the range hood, the air circulation in the kitchen must be adhered to, to prevent the air in the kitchen from forming a negative pressure, to ensure that the range hood is capable of sucking; to prevent excessive sound or vibration, dripping oil, oil leakage, etc If the condition occurs, you should stop cleaning the hood regularly to avoid too much oil on the surface of the motor, turbine, and hood. It is best not to disassemble the hood for cleaning. The professional staff of the manufacturer should be stopped.

d. Disinfection cabinet: try to energize disinfection once a day as much as possible, which not only serves the purpose of antivirus, but also extends the service life of the disinfection cabinet. They should be placed together in a monotonous ventilation place, and should not be less than 30 cm away from the wall. Do not put tableware with water in the cabinet and do not frequently use it. This will cause the electrical components and metal surfaces of the disinfection cabinet to be oxidized and moisturized, which will easily damage the socket or other components.

Electric water heaters need to exchange magnesium rods once every two years to prevent corrosion and leakage of the inner tank.

Household gas appliances such as gas water heaters and gas stoves need more frequent inspections. For example, if soap water is often used to check whether the joint of the gas supply pipe can be revealed, whether the rubber hose is incomplete, whether it can be cracked due to aging, it should be exchanged in time if found. Suppose that the discharge frequency of the igniter is found to be significantly lower (that is, when the popping sound that occurs when the discharge is heard is slow), the battery should be replaced.

The users of artificial gas should clean the oxide and carbon deposits on the heat collecting sheet of the water tank every six months to one year (remove the water heater upside down and flush the water collecting sheet with tap water) to prevent water from splashing on the electrical controls and gas. Valve body, or notify the manufacturer for cleaning.

Clean the filter of the gas water heater at regular intervals. If the water quality of the water heater is reduced, the filter can be blocked by dirt. The cold water outlet connector can be dismantled and the filter can be removed for finishing. Regularly tidy the shower nozzle, such as blocked shower nozzle hole will also constitute a small amount of water, and no fire scene. Consumers using stoves should regularly arrange the fire holes on the fire cover to prevent blockages and should often clean up dust, cobwebs and other debris in the stove.

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