Safe operation of kitchen equipment

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Stove use (including high oil temperature, water burns and gas valves)

1. Check if the stove exhaust system is normal before use.

2. Before the ignition, the stove fan should be turned on to remove the gas in the stove.

3. When the ignition is closed, the gas door of the furnace is closed first, and then the gas valve is opened slowly.

4. Open the air valve step by step to get proper firepower.

5. When using the stove, the operator must not leave the work site.

6. Use the proper amount of oil, it must not exceed 3/5 of the pot, and it must not be heated until the oil emits clear smoke.

7. When feeding in high oil temperature, it should be appropriate and drain the water, and the action should be stable, and the oil should not be allowed to overflow the side of the pot.

8. Use a rag to open the heated container with the lid, and the raw materials inside can be seen only after the steam is emitted.

9. In case of improper operation, you should be calm, calm, and take corrective measures.

10. After the stove is used, the ignition, gas valve and fan switch should be closed in time.

Steamer use

1. The steamer ignition procedure is the same as the stove ignition procedure, and all switches should be turned off in time after use.

2. Check whether the automatic water inlet valve is normal during use to ensure the amount of water in the steam box.

3. When taking out the contents of the steamer, wrap your hands tightly with a rag to prevent hot hands.

4. When opening the door of the steam box, close the gas valve. After the steam at the door is completely evacuated, remove the items to prevent the steam from rushing to the face.

Electric Fryer Safe Use Specification

1. Check if the electric fryer plug and power socket are within the safe range before use. If there is water or oil.

2. Connect the power supply, adjust the required temperature, and pay attention to whether there are air bubbles coming out of the heating pipe and whether the oil is rising. If there is no such phenomenon, it means that the operation of the electric fryer is faulty. You should immediately cut off the power and contact the engineering department for maintenance. The user must not dismantle without permission.

3. During the operation of the fryer, the oil must not exceed 3/5 of the oil storage tank, so as not to spill the oil outside the tank when feeding. During operation, each operation must be stable to avoid burns caused by oil splashing.

4. Cut off the power supply in time after the middle and late work. When the work is cleaned at night, the host can only be wiped with a rag. Be careful when cleaning the heating copper pipe to avoid breaking the copper pipe welding head.

Microwave oven safe use regulations

1. When connecting the power, check whether the plug and socket are within the safe range.

2. When using the container, select the container appropriately and observe whether the operation has achieved the effect. If any fault is found, please contact the engineering department in time.

3. When it is determined that the heating time has not expired, do not open the furnace door arbitrarily, so as to avoid injury from strong ultraviolet radiation.

4. It is strictly forbidden to heat all vacuum-packed items or tinned drinks, so as to prevent the items from exploding when they expand in volume when heated.

5. When finishing cleaning, you should cut off the power in time. You can only wipe it with a rag, and there should be no water droplets on the host. Handle the glass turntable so as not to break it.

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