Is your "kitchen equipment" layout really reasonable?

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What is the kitchen layout?

The layout of the kitchen refers to the rational arrangement of the processes in the kitchen area and the specific locations of various kitchen equipment, instruments and utensils in the kitchen. Scientific design and layout can help kitchens reduce waste, reduce costs, facilitate management, improve work quality, increase productivity and reduce employee turnover.

The main processes in the kitchen production are as follows: purchase and use of raw materials, rough processing (slaughter, foaming, etc.), washing, cutting, cooking, cold dishes, dessert production, production, reception, tableware washing, etc.

At the same time, the production of the kitchen also involves the use of a large number of kitchen equipment. Therefore, the location of each process and the facilities and equipment in the kitchen are reasonable or not, which directly affects the kitchen's work efficiency, cost and production quality.

Regional arrangement of kitchen layout

The regional arrangement of catering production sites refers to the reasonable arrangement of production sequence and spatial distribution of production according to the characteristics of catering production. Generally speaking, a comprehensive restaurant can be roughly divided into three areas according to its products and work processes.

1. Raw material receiving, storage and processing area

The processing and storage area of the kitchen is an operation area dedicated to the processing and storage of raw materials required by each kitchen. The most important point in the layout of the processing and storage area is to arrange the acceptance, storage and processing in a process, which not only facilitates the storage and collection of raw materials. And processing, it can also shorten the conveying distance of raw materials and improve work efficiency.

The layout of this area should be close to the raw material entrance. In the area, there are dry storage, refrigerators, freezers, etc., as well as corresponding offices and processing rooms of appropriate size. The size of the area is determined according to the scope and degree of processing.

Cooking area

This area should include cold rooms, snack rooms, side dishes rooms, stove rooms, and corresponding small refrigerated rooms and turnover warehouses. This kitchen equipment area is a centralized production area that forms product flavor and quality. Therefore, an office that can monitor the kitchen should be provided. The cold room, snack room and office should be separated.

3. Meal preparation and cleaning area

The layout should include the preparation room, tableware washing room and appropriate tableware storage room. The small kitchen can be simply separated by a workbench.

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