Maintenance methods and skills of kitchen appliances

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Ways to prevent oil pollution from kitchen gas pipes

Building users who use pipeline gas will encounter this situation: the oil stains adhering to the gas pipeline are thick and difficult to remove. Here is a precautionary approach: first thoroughly clean the oil stains drilled on the gas pipe, and then use paper scraps (5 cm) cut from the waste calendar to be around the gas pipe. It is also very convenient to exchange the paper slips.

Kitchen cleaning and maintenance skills-kitchen oil hood degreasing method

After using the range hood, the oil basin should be cleaned up. You can put the plastic bag for sweet oranges in the oil box and close the box wall. After the box is full of oil, remove the bag full of oil and replace with a new bag. In this way, not only can the oil company be troubled, but also the waste plastic bag is used, which saves time.

Waste oil in range hood oil box is available

Many home kitchens now use range hoods, and the oil box is filled with waste oil within a few days. Using it to remove stains from kitchen windows, ventilating fans and range hoods is the best "degreaser". Specific method: Use rags or towels to dip the oil in the waste oil, then wipe the oil with a cloth, then wipe it with a clean cloth. Oily thick objects can be soaked with waste oil for a few seconds, and then wiped off with a cloth after the oil is softened (especially thick, use a thin bamboo board to scrape it.)

The oil in the range hood oil box is available. Doors and windows are connected by iron hinges, which often wear and tear very often. You can use small wooden sticks to point waste oil on the hinge shaft, which prolongs the life of the hinge and reduces noise.

Tips on cleaning the rangehood of the cooker hood

After the oil collecting box of the range hood is full of oil, the greasy dirt adhering to the bottom of the box and the four walls will be difficult to remove. Clean water, oil is lighter than water, and will float on the water when oil accumulates. When the oil in the box is poured out during cleaning, the bottom of the box will not adhere to oily dirt, and it is easy to clean with detergent.

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