The market space of commercial kitchen equipment is huge, how to improve the overall level of the industry

Time:2017-10-24 00:00:00

Commercial kitchen equipment refers to large-scale kitchen equipment suitable for hotels, restaurants, restaurants and other catering establishments, as well as major institutions, schools, construction sites, canteens, and other fields.It can be mainly divided into stove equipment, smoke exhaust ventilation equipment, conditioning equipment, and mechanical equipment. And refrigeration and heat preservation equipment. Commercial kitchen equipment focuses on the overall kitchen design model. There are many types of products, and the specifications, power and capacity are large. Users have high requirements for product quality.

At present, China's catering industry is booming, and the national catering industry's total income growth rate far exceeds the growth rate of GDP and national per capita income. According to the "2018-2022 In-depth Market Research and Investment Strategy Suggestion Report for Commercial Kitchen Equipment Industry" issued by the Professional Industry Research Center, the total revenue of China's catering industry reached 4 trillion yuan in 2017, a year-on-year increase of 11%. The scale of China's catering industry is huge and still maintains a rapid growth rate. At present, China has a total of about 5.3 million commercial kitchens. The huge number of commercial kitchens provides a huge market for the development of commercial kitchen equipment.

The catering industry has a bright future. The number of commercial kitchens is huge and growing every year. The number of new and replacement commercial kitchen equipment is huge, creating favorable conditions for the development of the commercial kitchen equipment industry. With the continuous improvement of production technology and the gradual upgrading of consumer concepts, Chinese consumers have increasingly demanded the humanization, intelligence, energy saving and environmental protection of commercial kitchen equipment. How to change the design direction to improve the design level and reduce the energy of commercial kitchen equipment Consumption and its impact on the environment have become the focus of future development of China's commercial kitchen equipment industry.

This requires that commercial kitchen equipment companies should take the road of high-quality and serialization, rely on the wisdom of each entrepreneur and designer, and create "beauty" for each kitchenware product through thoughtful and level design. Only by creating the market and creating high added value can we meet the market demand and develop steadily. In today's China, the renaissance of traditional culture has gradually become a social upsurge. As a commercial kitchen equipment company, it is necessary to actively pay attention to and respond to the concerns of high-level management. Only in this way can we follow the trend of development, accelerate transformation and upgrade, and get out of the consolidation stage of industry development.

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